Ways of Seeing

25 January 2020 | By John Berger | Filed in: mots.

John Berger s Classic Text on ArtJohn Berger s Ways of Seeing is one of the most stimulating and the most influential books on art in any language First published in 1972, it was based on the BBC television series about which the London Sunday Times critic commented This is an eye opener in

The Medium is the Massage

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The Medium is the Massage is Marshall McLuhan s most condensed, and perhaps most effective, presentation of his ideas Using a layout style that was later copied by Wired, McLuhan and coauthor designer Quentin Fiore combine word and image to illustrate and enact the ideas that were first put forward

The Story of Art

25 January 2020 | By E.H. Gombrich | Filed in: mots.

This text is the 16th revised and updated edition of this introduction to art, from the earliest cave paintings to experimental art Eight new artists from the modern period have been introduced They are Corot, Kollwitz, Nolde, de Chirico, Brancussi, Magritte, Nicolson and Morandi A sequence of

Art as Experience

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Based on John Dewey s lectures on esthetics, delivered as the first William James Lecturer at Harvard in 1932, Art as Experience has grown to be considered internationally as the most distinguished work ever written by an American on the formal structure and characteristic effects of all the arts

Fighting Words: Writers Lambast Other Writers--From Aristotle to Anne Rice

25 January 2020 | By James Charlton | Filed in: mots.

Illustrations by Tullio Pericoli A lively collection of classic zingers from the mouths and pens of authors Who s better at being nasty than writers on other writers The New York Times Magazine A BOOK OF THE MONTH CLUB and WRITER S DIGEST BOOK CLUB selection Illustrations by Tullio Pericoli