The Vicksburg Campaign, March 29–May 18, 1863

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Ulysses S Grant s ingenious campaign to capture the last Confederate stronghold on the Mississippi River was one of the most decisive events of the Civil War and one of the most storied military expeditions in American history The ultimate victory at Vicksburg effectively cut the Confederacy in

Vicksburg, 1863

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A riveting history of the battle that permanently turned the tide of the Civil War.While Gettysburg is better known, Winston Groom makes clear in this engrossing narrative that Vicksburg was the important battle from a strategic point of view Re creating the epic campaign that culminated at

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Although the American Civil War occurred over 130 years ago, analyses of failed campaigns provide insight and reinforce the importance of critical warfighting skills for today s strategic leader Several principles in today s joint doctrine serve as excellent tools to analyze failed campaigns This

The Greatest Civil War Battles: The Vicksburg Campaign

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Includes pictures Includes descriptions of the campaign by generals and some of Vicksburg s residents Includes footnotes and a bibliography for further reading Includes a table of contents At the start of 1863, Robert E Lee s Army of Northern Virginia had been frustrating the Union in the

Silencing the Vicksburg Guns: The Story of the 7th Missouri Infantry Regiment as Experienced by John Davis Evans Union Private & Mormon Pioneer

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Silencing the Vicksburg Guns is about the 7th Missouri Infantry Regiment and their part in the great Vicksburg campaign The book is not long, 132 pages of text, because it stays focused only on the 7th Missouri s actions The May 12, 1863 Battle of Raymond, Mississippi, for instance, concentrates

The Beleaguered City: The Vicksburg Campaign

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The companion volume to Stars in Their Courses, this marvelous account of Grant s siege of the Mississippi port of Vicksburg continues Foote s narrative of the great battles of the Civil War culled from his massive three volume history recounting a campaign which Lincoln called one of the most

The Web of Victory: Grant at Vicksburg

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The Web of Victory tells of the Union siege of Vicksburg, a campaign that might very well have been the turning point of the Civil War and was without any doubt the turning point in the military career of General Ulysses S Grant.If Grant began the campaign as a leader known for his drinking

Ninety-Eight Days: A Geographer's View of the Vicksburg Campaign

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Grant s campaign against Vicksburg has been studied from a number of perspectives but always with the outcome in the foreground This documented history of the final phases of the Vicksburg Campaign, from March 29 through July 4, 1863, examines the actions of Union and Confederate commanders as they

Vicksburg Is the Key: The Struggle for the Mississippi River

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The struggle for control of the Mississippi River was the longest and most complex campaign of the Civil War It was marked by an extraordinary diversity of military and naval operations, including fleet engagements, cavalry raids, amphibious landings, pitched battles, and the two longest sieges in

Champion Hill: Decisive Battle for Vicksburg

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The Battle of Champion Hill was the decisive land engagement of the Vicksburg Campaign The May 16, 1863, fighting took place just 20 miles east of the river city, where the advance of Gen Ulysses S Grant s Federal army attacked Gen John C Pemberton s hastily gathered Confederates The bloody